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LUBE, OIL, FILTER & 27 POINT INSPECTION Inspect all fluid levels and condition. Check belts and hoses. Lube door and hood hinges, lube steering, suspension and driveline. Clean exhaust system. Includes up to 5 quarts of motor oil and new NAPA oil filter. Diesels and synthetic oil may be slightly higher. 27 Point Inspection Included.Print $2795 Schedule
REPLACE BATTERY WITH NAPA POWER Labor and battery included.Print $12995 Schedule
FRONT PADS ONLY Includes NAPA Pro ceramic front brake pads. Install front brake pads. Inspect rotors. Check calipers and master cylinder fluid level.Print $10299 Schedule
BRAKE SYSTEM SERVICE Check brake lines and hoses. Service & Bleed.Print $7999 Schedule
TIRE ROTATION Tire Rotation.Print $2000 Schedule
WHEEL BALANCE Check Tire pressure & adjust as necessary. Balance four tires. Rotate tires. Inspect tires and wheels for abnormal wear or damage. Torque wheels nuts as recommended.Print $5999 Schedule
POWER STEERING SERVICE Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps. Service and bleed power steering fluid system. Replenish with proper grade fluids.Print $7999 Schedule
INJECTION CLEANING Clean injectors directly under high pressure for better fuel economy and performance.Print $12999 Schedule
TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE SERVICE Drain and refill the transmission/transaxle with approved fluid. Adjust linkage if needed.Print $13900 Schedule
$250.00 DRIVELINE SERVICE Perform driveline service. Front differential, rear differential and transfer case fluid service.Print $25000 Schedule
AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE Performance test system. Inspect for leaks. Check drive belt condition check hoses for detraction refrigerant extra.Print $11995 Schedule
COOLANT SYSTEM SERVICE Inspect condition of all hoses and clamps. Service and refill fluid system.Print $8999 Schedule
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